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Trish is a therapeutic strategist & a very seasoned meditator/mindfulness practitioner who specializes in helping individuals obtain a distinct sense of relief from what distresses them.

Her strongest experience is with STRESS related issues that turn into uncomfortable states of being.


These may include Mood Conditions (Anxiety and Depression) & Eating Disorders. She also works well with those dealing with Health Concerns, Attention Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Anger, Addictions, OCD,  and more.


Have you found yourself wondering




Trish has great experience helping those who desire to “up their game” create fantastic success. 


Nurturing a new healthy relationship with self will always be of primary focus. From there, effective connections to the outside world (family, friends, occupation) will be supported.


Learn to Break the Habit of Being Yourself through use of cutting-edge processes such as Brainspotting, Mindfulness, CBT, & Focus Therapy (using neurobiological and epigenetic principles) to deliver new vantage points that support exhilarating possibilities. 


This reworking is done in a very secure, caring environment & all at your pace. Trish has a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology with a B.A. in Psychology and Religious Studies.

She is a Certified Meditation Instructor, a trained Brainspotting practitioner, and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

How You Focus &

How You Feel Matters... You can be Supported Back to

the Better Feeling Side of Life 


In your initial session,
we will discuss why you have come to therapy and what you wish to accomplish.


Together, we will form a safe, flexible road map to help get you there.

And Know This...what you wish for....happiness, freedom,​ relief etc. are doable....that is, if you are ready. Even if you are not, I can still help you take important steps towards what you want. Do you feel empty, angry, confused, or just bad? Thankfully, these are not permanent states. 

Do you find yourself waiting for life to show up as you'd like, but things just keep staying the same? All these scenarios are typical, but you most certainly are not. You are unique, vital, and living through the eyes of lack (a learned habit).

I have been examining the human condition for decades through intense study, internal engineering, scientific inquiry, consistent meditation,
and brilliant teachers.

​This has led me to the complete knowing of the goodness of you. I also comprehend the patterns that throw you off and know how to guide you back to your essential self.

If you say, someday, I will be okay, THAT SOMEDAY IS NOW. It is time to break free from the past and learn to be the authentic, HAPPY YOU.
If you don’t come to see me, I still whole-heartedly send you this message – Please - relax, breathe, and be good to yourself; you are worth so much more than you may know. 

My therapeutic work is focused and to the point (scientific principles to back).
We will distil your perceived issues and needs down to manageable, actionable processes that move you to the next step & back to the you –
​you love to hang around with.

Respecting your needs, listening intently, and honouring your path are of utmost importance as you are guided to recall your power, let go of your past, and decide who you want to be - now.

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