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Brain-Based Psychotherapy & Wellness Coaching

Ages 16 & up

The following issues are worked on at your pace

and with the most effective methods - tailored to your needs.

They are designed to build your internal & external power back up again.

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Is your mind always saying “what if” trying to prevent/solve some perceived future problem & then your body feels jittery as a result? Or maybe your body feels edgy & you don’t even know why? Anxiety can show up as restlessness, concentration issues, irritability, physical pressure, sleep issues, & low energy. Nervousness may be produced from internal & external messages about an unsafe environment, prior traumatic experiences, a biological disposition, & coping methods that lead to avoidance & stagnation.

There is effective help. 


Do you feel like “normal” life pressures have gotten out of hand & are impacting your quality of life? Perhaps relationship issues, work-life balancing, study demands, beliefs about yourself, & illnesses have lead to moodiness, anxiety, body pain, reduced tolerances, poor sleep,  &/or appetite changes. Stress management requires specific internal & external shifts to produce more wanted outcomes. There are brain-based methods that help you continuously shift focus and build the life you prefer. 


Feeling concerned about the state of your physical body and intensifying it with fearful thoughts about your future? Or perhaps you are concerned for a loved one & feeling depleted yourself in the process? Stressful thinking has been shown to create & exacerbate health issues, so getting support early on can build a great foundation for long-term wellness. Learning adaptive belief systems & the art of effective focus has been shown to build new brain connections & deliver more desirable health outcomes. 


Are you feeling fearful, overwhelmed, low, stuck, or any of the other difficult emotions that can occur while at school? Pressures can be alleviated and a return to the "normal you" can happen. 

Catching it early helps, but don't despair, strong supports  at any stage of your educational continuum can produce significant change.



Do you feel tied to a substance that binds you & your feelings of freedom? It takes a strong desire to let go of those ties, but it can certainly be done. Learn how to build new neural structures that lead to that freedom. This therapy is for those with high functioning lives, but strong impetus to lessen habitual use of cigarettes, cannabis, &/or alcohol. 



Do you feel sad, guilty, uninterested, irresponsible, hopeless, or ineffective?

These can be the producers & outcomes of a depressed state. Thankfully, there are methods to move you out of its circle & cycle. Don't lose hope. Those with long-standing depression have shifted into feelings of freedom and happiness that lasts.

Mind-Body Performance

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Performing (sports, music, acting, presenting) at a top level takes a clear mind & body. Determination may not be enough when the ability to focus is hindered (for various reasons).

Supporting performers through use of Brainspotting & specialized therapy has been shown to align with higher level performance outcomes. Trish has worked with professional athletes & actors.


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Eating Disorders may be related to over-control or a feeling of lack of control. Restricting, vomiting, or binging can produce a lot of suffering. When food management becomes an ill-equipped means of feeling better, contact Trish to help you release old beliefs & habits. Build a fresh life that feels like a new lease on life.

Aging & Longevity


Painting Outside

Do you want to live the best life possible? What if you could learn & sustain practices that deliver more long-term health & wellness? Looking at beliefs & thought processes can shed light on your longevity path. Perhaps it is time to put yourself first and engage in practices that build your best self.

Mindfullness & Meditation 

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The huge benefits of meditation are scientifically clear, but maybe you feel you just can’t do it? You can be supported into a  gentle, consistent practice that can really pay off.
Don't miss out on the enormous ​ physical & mental health benefits. You can learn to up your game at any stage in your life.



Brainspotting uses the field of vision to find where traumas are stored in the brain. By using specific methods to remain on an activated spot, deep processing is allowed & the trauma can release. Often a new sense of vibrancy & empowerment sets in.

Go to the page on Brainspotting for more understanding about this powerful method.

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